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The Power of the Right Question

At pivotal moments in my life, someone asked me a question that opened me up to possibility and resulted in growth or change in my personal and professional life.


Ready to learn more? Book an exploration call with Megan today. 

Megan is currently available for speaking engagements and workshops. She is also accepting individual clients.

Coming Soon: San Diego Women Attorneys group. Contact Megan if you practice law in San Diego and want to be part of a badass group of women attorneys ready for their next level.

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Individual Coaching
The Powerful Pivot
(Current Cohort Full. Contact Megan to join a new cohort. )
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Small group coaching with career-driven professionals pivoting toward growth and satisfaction at work and in life. Register and begin with a complimentary exploration call today. 

Personalized coaching packages available to meet your needs. Start with a complimentary exploration call, then head into an initial 12-week package to accelerate your professional evolution.

Each group contains 5 – 6 professionals intent on improving their career trajectory or finding harmony in the chaos of work, and personal life.

Members receive:

  • A coaching plan tailored to their specific outcomes

  • 12 group sessions that include a professional development discussion and group coaching

  • Accountability partner

  • Access to individual coaching with Coach Meg

  • Development of professional skills:

    • Recognizing and overcoming beliefs that limit growth​

    • Identifying and breaking through barriers to achievement

    • Coach-style leadership with curiosity, accountability, and achieving outcomes

    • Recognizing and learning new perspectives and views 

Through our work together, you will: 

  • Co-create an individualized plan designed to meet your outcomes

  • Engage in regular coaching sessions designed to explore what inspires, motivates, scares, and freezes you

  • Tap into your resources to launch you over hurdles and move you through fear

  • Commit to action(s) each week and month

  • Get accountable without self-judgement on your weekly commitments and coaching plan outcomes (Yes – without judgment!)


Contact me for an initial exploration call so we can learn about each other, you can experience a coaching session, and we see what coaching can bring to your life.

Business and Organizational Coaching
Training, Workshops & Speaking

Designed for leaders/partners/managers in a business to create cohesion on your team and bring the business to the next level.


We will co-create an Intensive Coaching Plan for the group to achieve agreed to outcomes related to purpose, vision, and growth.


Individual coaching plans may also be available, depending on your business’s needs.

Megan is available for speaking or training to meet your business and organizational needs. She has extensive experience engaging audiences on topics from the mundane (time management) to the wild (curiosity as the means to grow).


Megan blends her style of humor, wisdom, and vulnerability to engage audiences of all sizes. Contact her for pricing and finding the right presentation to meet your needs.