You’re here! So you want to find out about working with me.

Whether you want coaching, speaking to motivate your team, or structured guidance for your business, I invite you to get to know me a little better. 


A friend of mine told me I must be crazy to leave a lucrative career as a lawyer. I smile when I think of that because sometimes I feel like I am crazy! And, it takes a little crazy, along with a dash of fear and a big shake of courage to change careers, open a new business, and evolve into something new. 

With the launch of Megan Moore, Inc., I bring my life’s purpose into my professional work: to inspire growth and change in myself and others. If you only want to know the basics, feel free to review my bona fides. If you want to know how I got here, keep reading...


With Megan Moore, Inc., I bring 20 years of experience to educate and inspire others to growth and change. 

If you're feeling your own kind of crazy - a desire to change careers, launch a business, or evolve into something more right where you are - I invite you to work with me. Through coaching, speaking, or training, I can help you see the power of the right question. You or your team will ask, evolve, and arrive exactly where you're supposed to land. 

I grew from my experience handling transitions throughout my life, evolving (sometimes painfully) through each change.

By the time I turned 5 years old, I had lived in 4 states. Between 7th and 10th grade, I attended 5 different schools, living with/through my parents’ bankruptcy and a move from a bustling city suburb in Colorado to the small, southern town of Fort Walt on Beach, Florida. After college in Gainesville (Go Gators!), I lived in Puerto Rico, Virginia, San Diego, Sacramento, and then back to San Diego in 2008. Every move, even the most heart-rending, allowed me the privilege to immerse myself in diverse communities and cultures, to lean into fear. And the changes and fear taught me how to pivot at the drop of a nail.

Throughout it all, I was a person who wanted to hear others' stories, to tell my own story, and to help. In elementary school, I was the kid who took other kids to the nurse’s office. I became a peer counselor in middle school. In high school, I was president of the drama club and co-captain of the swim team. In college, I worked as a Resident Assistant and waited tables at TGI Fridays to pay for my schooling. (Yes – I had to wear the flare!)

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For over 20 years, I advised, educated and advocated for others.

After college, I had the adventure of a life time, living in Ponce, Puerto Rico and teaching high school for two years. Coming back stateside, I transitioned to a corporate job where I created curriculum and assessments for English/language arts in a start-up company built during the dot com boom. Realizing I wanted more than was available in the corporate world, I turned to legal education. After a perceived failure when I was not initially accepted to law school that led to a 4-month road trip across the United States,  I went to law school at the University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law and earned my J.D.

I dedicated 12 years to zealous advocacy for public schools. 

Through tears, triumphs, and the hardest academic work of my life, I excelled in law school in ways I had never dreamed possible. This allowed me to land an amazing job as an associate attorney at Best Best & Krieger, where I learned the skills required to advise public school clients in special education. I pivoted when I was offered the opportunity to launch the San Diego office of Young, Minney & Corr. I jumped at that chance, honing my skills for the firm's charter school clients and making partner in 2018. I loved my colleagues, clients, and salary, but I hated the stress, the billable hour requirements. 

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In 2018, I began working with a professional coach, and it transformed my life. 

In April 2018, I was intrigued when I went to a training with Cami McLaren, and she reminded the participants that we all have the same 24-hours in a day. Intrigued and a little disbelieving of her message of possibility, I began my weekly work with her to find happiness and balance in my work and personal life. I found so much more. I discovered my purpose in life and began to see myself as a strategic risk-taker. I ultimately found the courage to launch my own law firm and then learn that there was still more for me to do. 

In December 2020, I officially launched Megan Moore, Inc. Now, I'm working with individuals and groups - together we accelerate evolution so my clients achieve their next great thing. I welcome the chance to work with YOU - asking the right questions so you accelerate your own evolution.